Keep it simple, silly!

“Let it be”, my friend said as I tried to convince her to file an FIR. Earlier that day, her bag had been stolen by some goons who have been causing quite a nuisance in the area. On further inquiry, she explained her qualms about approaching the authorities and it all began to make sense to me. She explained that she was not entirely sure how to go about the procedure of filing the FIR and she felt that there was a good chance she would lose more than she stood to gain in the first place. T

LawForMe: Emergence

"Serendipity: the effect by which one accidently stumbles upon something truly wonderful” I started working in the area of legal reforms in 2009. My work has been born completely out of passion. I worked the way I did because that felt right. I somehow always knew that if my heart was in the right place, the road ahead will chart itself out. Setting the stage for Innovating Justice Competition! It was only briefly that I had met Sam Muller from the Hague Institute for Internationalisa
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