It’s Raining Bizarre Laws!

Have you ever come across a law and thought “Why in the world does this law still exist?” These laws may seem strange to you because they are out-dated or are just plain ridiculous. In fact, India has about 3000 central statutes that are obsolete. Therefore, many of these laws are usually repealed right? Well, many of you know that recently, Mr. Modi’s government decided to repeal over 120 laws and this was (and still is!) particularly significant. Removing these laws has resulted in less

Knowing your rights should be as easy as liking this post!

Knowing your rights as a citizen is very important and that’s when LawForMe steps in. Legal jargon can indeed be very complicated but it is still important for citizens to know their rights and to challenge injustice when they come face to face with it. When someone says the word ‘law’, for some reason most of us (including me) have this image of professional looking people wearing black gowns and sometimes even wigs, holding a long scroll which consists of words that none of us outside th
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