Can Women Have It All?

Remember the poster of the female flexing muscles from an American wartime ad of the 1940s with the caption ‘We Can Do It’? A refreshing sight considering that history has not been very kind to women. Oh c’mon, don’t roll your eyes and discard this as another rant on how powerless women feel and why 33% reservation in Lok Sabha is not just a pro-feminist stand but also a lesson in practicality in light of the principles of equity and justice. This article is not the cryptic balderdash of

Privacy on the Internet? You must be Joking!

The very beginning of civilization is characterized by man building shelters to protect himself from predators and acquiring land. This later got transformed into property rights and associated privacy rights. Over the years we have had many people approaching the Court over invasions to their right to privacy- people aggrieved by other trespassing their property or police putting them under constant surveillance or even the LGBT rights activists - all claiming the contravention to their right t
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