About Us

The Indian legal system and its laws are complex. Most people get intimidated by them which keeps them from knowing their rights and understanding the laws that affect them. How can a complicated legal system exist in the same world where ignorance of the law is not an excuse? Laws are for the people and their purpose is to set norms and bring order to make our lives better. India may boast about being one of the major players in the tech world, but sadly, more people have access to technology than justice. When the world around us is increasingly moving online, why should the law be an exception? In a world where people use graphics and visuals as a language, why should the law stay bound to dusty law books?



We are a team of lawyers, designers, illustrators and coders who have come together with a common belief that laws should be simple and easily understood by people. So we spent many hours deliberating over endless cups of tea and some light strumming of the guitar, and finally came up with characters and scenarios to aide the process of understanding laws better. Having won the Innovating Justice Award, 2014 by the Hague Institute for Internationalisation of Laws, we feel super charged to give our best shot to demystify the world of laws for you!* We have built real-life scenarios and flowcharts to make laws less intimidating for you. Lawyers may have mountains of intimidating hard-bound books but now you have LawForMe.



LawforMe aims to be the go-to law simplifying tool for today's India. To make the law and legal processes accessible to all citizens through the innovative use of design and technology. The end goal is to slowly eliminate the fear and distrust of the legal system.