Can Women Have It All?

Remember the poster of the female flexing muscles from an American wartime ad of the 1940s with the caption ‘We Can Do It’? A refreshing sight considering that history has not been very kind to women. Oh c’mon, don’t roll your eyes and discard this as another rant on how powerless women feel and why 33% reservation in Lok Sabha is not just a pro-feminist stand but also a lesson in practicality in light of the principles of equity and justice. This article is not the cryptic balderdash of someone who loathes the male species and cribs about womankind’s dreary existence (thank God Microsoft Word did not return ‘womankind’ with a red line under it), rather it is a tribute to women

Privacy on the Internet? You must be Joking!

The very beginning of civilization is characterized by man building shelters to protect himself from predators and acquiring land. This later got transformed into property rights and associated privacy rights. Over the years we have had many people approaching the Court over invasions to their right to privacy- people aggrieved by other trespassing their property or police putting them under constant surveillance or even the LGBT rights activists – all claiming the contravention to their right to privacy. Indian Courts have so far managed to conveniently state that the right to privacy shall be determined on a case to case basis, instead of being read into the fundamental right to life. The

Consume Your Rights!

Meera was having a wonderful time with her friends at a fancy restaurant, enjoying her exotic dish and reminiscing about the good old days. Suddenly she bit on something that definitely was not mushroom, but tasted and felt more like a metallic object in her mouth. Her expensive, newly installed teeth were badly chipped by the stray piece of metal which on closer inspection turned out to be a rusted washer that had detached itself from the pan the dish was cooked in. Of course, the washer being an element with a mind of its own, the Chef or the restaurant management cannot be blamed for the accident that took Meera back to the dentist’s chair? Obviously, yes, someone can be held responsibl

Legal system is a puzzle, let design & tech tools be the cheat-sheet!

Gone are the days when advocates used to be known as liars and ambulance chasers, greedy predators on the lookout for easy prey, said no one ever. It is quite a sad image actually for a profession that is such an important part of the justice delivery system. In fact if someone were to start an organization called Lawyers with a Conscience, many would think it is a joke. After all, how could anyone with a functioning conscience defend an offender? Couple this mild loathing (hopefully mild, that is) with the vagueness over fees charged and the non-availability of enough time on the part of the client. For example, a sea food exporter cannot wait for a long time to sue for non-performance of a

It’s Raining Bizarre Laws!

Have you ever come across a law and thought “Why in the world does this law still exist?” These laws may seem strange to you because they are out-dated or are just plain ridiculous. In fact, India has about 3000 central statutes that are obsolete. Therefore, many of these laws are usually repealed right? Well, many of you know that recently, Mr. Modi’s government decided to repeal over 120 laws and this was (and still is!) particularly significant. Removing these laws has resulted in less complication and yes may even lead to less corruption! Politicians and anyone actually, can find loopholes in these ridiculous laws and use them for their own benefit. In fact, some of these laws requ

Knowing your rights should be as easy as liking this post!

Knowing your rights as a citizen is very important and that’s when LawForMe steps in. Legal jargon can indeed be very complicated but it is still important for citizens to know their rights and to challenge injustice when they come face to face with it. When someone says the word ‘law’, for some reason most of us (including me) have this image of professional looking people wearing black gowns and sometimes even wigs, holding a long scroll which consists of words that none of us outside the field of law can ever comprehend. However, the law is something which all of us or most of us at least, should have a basic understanding of because after all it is meant to protect us from differen

Keep Law as Easy as ABC

“No person employed in a public utility service shall go on strike in breach of contract–

without giving to the employer notice of strike, as herein- after provided, within six weeks before striking; or
within fourteen days of giving such notice;”[1]




That was the first reaction from our class in Law School when the Professor read out this provision from The Industrial Disputes Act, 1947. As usual we were advised to read the text again from our copies of the bare Act. This is a regular practice when it comes to reading most legal text, be it Moot Court problems or archaic laws in pristine English – you read it a couple of times before the word

Technology-Design-Law, Walk Into A Bar… Soon Everyone Followed!

From the onset of our involvement with LawForMe, it was clear that this was a project of crucial importance, one that had the scope to incorporate design innovation.  As designers, it has been a joy to watch and contribute to this process of making laws easier and universally accessible.

Despite the technological revolution, it’s astonishing to see how little the legal system of India has adapted to the change. When it comes to communicating a basic understanding of the legal framework to the average citizen, it falls shamefully short.


The crux of our work with LawForMe revolved around conceptualizing and executing the visual component of the website. We realized that

Keep it simple, silly!

“Let it be”, my friend said as I tried to convince her to file an FIR. Earlier that day, her bag had been stolen by some goons who have been causing quite a nuisance in the area. On further inquiry, she explained her qualms about approaching the authorities and it all began to make sense to me. She explained that she was not entirely sure how to go about the procedure of filing the FIR and she felt that there was a good chance she would lose more than she stood to gain in the first place.
This got me thinking. If a citizen is so apprehensive about a simple legal procedure, what must they go through when it comes to the more complex issues of say property rights or even fundamental right

LawForMe: Emergence

“Serendipity: the effect by which one accidently stumbles upon something truly wonderful”

I started working in the area of legal reforms in 2009. My work has been born completely out of passion. I worked the way I did because that felt right. I somehow always knew that if my heart was in the right place, the road ahead will chart itself out.

Setting the stage for Innovating Justice Competition!

It was only briefly that I had met Sam Muller from the Hague Institute for Internationalisation of Laws (HiiL) at the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council meeting in Abu Dhabi. Sam had encouraged me to apply for their Annual Innovating Justice competition – which attracts outsta

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