Tips & Tricks

A step by step guide to simple legal processes.

There is no law which makes engagement of an advocate mandatory. A person can present a matter before the court himself as well

(However, everyone has a right to being defended by a lawyer of his/her own choice)
People from the economically weaker section are entitled to free legal aid from the Legal Services Authority.
If somebody files a false case against you then, you have the option to file for wrongful litigation on you as well as demand compensation.
There is no format of filing a consumer complaint and it can be filed even on a plain paper. One does not even need an advocate for it.
Never pay any fine or penalty without taking receipt from the traffic police constable.
If you violate a traffic, a challan is issued and you don't have the money, then either you have to surrender your original Certificate of Registration or Driving License. If not then your vehicle will compounded.
A person upon arrest has the right to know the reason behind arrest and demand an arrest warrant.
A woman cannot be arrested after sunset. In exceptional circumstances, she can be arrested only with a valid warrant. In any case, presence of the lady police officer is necessary.
Any person arrested has to be produced to the Magistrate within 24 hours. In case, there has been an abuse by the police, a complaint can be filed at the Police Complaint Authority.
Read the fine scripts of the bill that you receive in a Restaurant and avoid paying extra money in the name of service charges. Service Charges should be mentioned on the menu of the restaurant. If not, the bill with the service charges can be challenged in the consumer forum. Service Tax is different from service charge.
A single male cannot adopt a girl child but a single female can adopt a child of any gender.
Though registration of a Will is not compulsory, it is advisable to get the Will registered to counter challenges on its validity. A handwritten Will is also valid.
The contracts entered into by those below 18 cannot be considered valid. The same is also true for people of unsound mind!
No company can disqualify employment based on gender, caste, religion or place of birth.